Sunday, August 29, 2010

Did he said the 'Harassment' of No Win No Fee Lawyers ?

The (admittedly quite entertaining) article that comes from Lee Boyce on and is entitled, 'The Harassment of No Win No Fee Lawyers.'

Let's consider a few facts: the vast majority of people who use no win no fee lawyers to arrange personal injury compensation do so because they are both ignorant of, or naive regarding, the precise processes of the law surrounding their claim.

The second point is, to make a sweeping generalisation, that people who suffer the most severe work injuries are more likely to earn a lower income if their job involves manual labour or working with heavy machinery.

The harassment of ‘no win, no fee’ lawyers - This is Money Blog via

Boyce's article attacks the forms of advertising through which some no win no fee lawyers contact members of the public, such as via email marketing.

Nobody would wish injury on anybody, but it stands to reason that he wouldn't be interested in an advert for a product which he has no need for. If I don't own a dishwasher I am unlikely to be thrilled by adverts for Finish anti-lime-scale tablets (although I probably wouldn't find them that interesting anyway, let's be honest).
These adverts are for people who have been hurt severely enough to warrant a genuine claim. If the claim is fraudulent, fabricated, or exaggerated, it won't hold water. And it would be interesting to see how quickly the naysayers' attitude would change if they suddenly found themselves the innocent victim of a horrific car accident.


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